How to Add/remove National Holidays to Calendar App in Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system includes a built-in Calendar app with the ability to view National Holidays all over the world. Now you can use this feature to make your personal schedule events easier without needing to install Outlook software or a third-party calendar on your tablet or computer. This is perfect while you are working with people from around the globe.

How to Add/remove National Holidays to Calendar App in Windows 10
* Press Win key on your keyboard or click the Start menu, type calendar in search box, click on Calendar (Trusted Windows Store app) from the results to launch the app.
* Select “More Calendars” option in the left pane.
* A pane of Holidays Calendar will slide out in the middle panel and presentes with a list of countries. You can check the box next to your desired country for which you would like to insert National holidays.
* Once you’ve done, click or tap any empty area to save the setting. Then all of the major holidays for the country or country‚Äôs you have selected are throughout the calendar on the right side.
If you have added more than one country, each country is assigned to a specific color code in a brief look for helping you identify the holidays for a particular country quickly.
* To remove a holiday calendar, You can follow the above way to uncheck the one you don’t want to have. To hide one temporarily, uncheck the one under the Holiday Calendars section in the left pane.


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