Windows 10 Encrypt contents to secure data greyed out and unavailable

If you have an important folder on the hard disk of your local tablet or computer and would like to encrypt and keep secure and private it, it is easy to encrypt sensitive data by putting it in an container within the built-in Encrypted File System (EFS). The encrypt data function is enabled by default and can help you resolve the problem, even in an office environment. However, when I right-clicked over the folder in Windows 10, picked Properties then clicked Advanced, I notied that the Encrypt contents to secure data option was disabled and agreyed out. I tried for different folders and got the same result. Any way to get rid of that?

How to fix the Encrypt contents to secure data option greyed out and unavailable in Windows 10Note: Make sure the edition of Windows supports EFS. The EFS feature is only working with Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise, as well as the files must be on the NTFS file system. So you can not handle folder encryption in Home version.
* Press Win + R from your keyboard, input regedit and click the OK button to open Registry Editor.
You can also click the Start menu, type regedit in the search box and select it from theresults.
* Navigate to the following location in the left pane:
* Go to its right pane, double-click on the NtfsDisableEncryption key with REG_DWORD type, change its value data from1 to 0, and click Ok button.
* Then reboot the system to apply the changes and go to check if it is working.


7 thoughts on “Windows 10 Encrypt contents to secure data greyed out and unavailable

  1. When I navigated through the registry editor to the entry named NtfsDisableEncryption REG_DWORD it was already set to zero.
    I’m using a Surface Pro 4 with automatic Windows updates enabled (so I guess I’m all up to date).
    Any ideas on how I can protect a particular folder?

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