Fix Chrome slow to load pages in Windows 10/8

I have got the strange problem after moved from Windows 8. The Chrome app itself open quickly in Windows 10. However, when I clicked a bookmark or typed in a web address in a new tab, it took a delay of several seconds and load around 15 seconds. Deleting my browsing history and cached files, removing all extensions were not working at all. Anyway to make it run considerably faster?

If the Google Chrome gets a slight pause along with the spinning cursor icon in doing in Windows 10, you could try any of the tips to resolve the problem.
How to fix the slow Chrome browser in Windows 10/8* Within the Chrome browser, click the Menu button (three-dot-circle) at top-right corner, and click Settings from the menu.
* Click “Show advanced settings” link at the bottom.
* Under the System tab, uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available.” box, then close the Chrome and restart it to check if it is fine. Now the new tabs or addresses load almost instantly on my Windows 10 laptop

Another method to get the browser back up to speed
* Click the Start menu from your desktop, type cmd in the search box, right click the CMD in the results and select “Run as administrator”.
* Input the command below and press Enter to execute it:
netsh winsock reset
* Once the process has been finished completely, go to restart your tablet or PC.


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