Fix Windows 10 search not index exe files problem

I have downloaded putty.exe file and save it onto the desktop. When I pressed the Start menu and typed putty in the search box, nothing showed up from results and such .exe file was never indexed. That also hapeened with program which is listed in the Start Menu or other .exe files. Within Control Panel, I opened Indexing options > Advanced > Filetypes, and the exe is checked. Any way to get rid of that? Continue reading

Windows 10 store cannot purchase apps Give it another try something went wrong

I had linked a credit card to my account and everything worked fine in Windows 8.1. However, now I am unable to make any purchase from app store after upgrade my Surface Pro 4 to Windows 10. When I try to buy content on the new Killer Instinct or get the paid apps like Assassins Creed Pirates, it displays the error message “Give it another try. something went wrong” and I can not figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading

Fix Game DVR Recording Not Working in Windows 10

The Game DVR and Game Bar of Windows 10 built-in Xbox app offer a way to record videos of PC games, and let you upload gameplay footage to YouTube for sharing with your friends. However, I was unable to get it to record any video games launched from and steam in full screen on the latest build 10074 of Windows 10. If I changed it to run in Windowed Mode and press win+G keys and click yes, it recorded for about 10 seconds and stop then a red bar with a time counter states “There is nothing to record. Play some more and try again” message. Continue reading

Disable ULPS to fix slow bootup black screen issues in Windows 10

If your tablet or laptop has been setted up AMD Crossfire multiple GPU Graphics and upgraded to Windows 10, such as my Notebook has an AMD A8-3510MX APU with Radeon HD Graphics, the crossfire configurations known as Ultra Low Power State (ULPS) can lower the frequencies and voltages of 2nd cards for saving power. But the ULPS also increases performance and some crossfire instability, as well as may causes the slow black screen booting up problem. Any way to get rid of that? Continue reading

Fix Turn on system protection greyed out in Windows 10

The system restore can revert installed applications, system files, registry and settings from the previously saved computer’s state. I had enable the feature on per drive and partition in Windows 8, and the option is disabled completely after my Surface Pro 3 upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. When I access the system protection tab, select C drive and click configure button, the radio option “Turn on System protection” becomes greyed out. Continue reading

How to Enable missing Hibernate Mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 does not contain the Hibernate option by default, and you might want to get back the power button with other features like in Windows 8/7. Hibernate mode uses the Hiberfil.sys hidden system file which is located in the root folder of the drive. If you make a disk cleanup and delete such file, the button will be disappear. Continue reading

Restore Windows 10 Missing Compressed (Zipped) Folder from send to Menu

The built-in tool offers a simple way to create compressed (zipped) folder for organizing your files with less drive space and transferring to other computers more quickly. I was able to right-click on a file, select Send to then Compressed (zipped) folder option from the menu in Windows 8.1. However, after my Surface Pro 3 upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit with the latest update applied, the option was missing and that appeared only “Bluetooth device” entry. Continue reading

Windows 10 Encrypt contents to secure data greyed out and unavailable

If you have an important folder on the hard disk of your local tablet or computer and would like to encrypt and keep secure and private it, it is easy to encrypt sensitive data by putting it in an container within the built-in Encrypted File System (EFS). The encrypt data function is enabled by default and can help you resolve the problem, even in an office environment. Continue reading

Disable this app is preventing shutdown in Windows 10

When I tried to restart in Windows 10 OS and there were still some running tasks, the system showed a list of apps and the preventing message “To go back and save your work, click Cancel and finish what you need to.” And I had to click Cancel button to close each one by one manually. The situation also happened with logging off or shuting down. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Left click not working on Windows 10 start menu and Action Center

When I use my mouse to left click my Start Button, it is not responding and can’t open the window tiles while only a right click works to get text menu and does not give you the same information. The issue also involves the Action Center icon. I left clicked it does nothing but there are really new messages from there. Running sfc /scannow command doesn’t find corrupt files in the system. Continue reading