Windows 10 USB flash please insert a disk into removable disk

My 16gb USB flash drive worked fine but was not being recognized as being inserted after my computer had updated to Windows 10. I putted some files on the fLash from xbox 360 then plugged it in. The drive is visible in File Explorer as well as its icon is showed in the system tray, but it poped up “Please insert a disk into Removable drive E” error when i clicked on it. The device status said this device is working properly. I tried multiple ports with no effects and other devices worked from those ports. Any way to resolve it?

How to fix please insert a disk into removable disk in Windows 10/8
If the disk is mapped to a reserved drive letter, you need to change the related letter of the affected drive.
* First make sure you log into system as Administrator account or your account has the administrative privileges.
* Click the Start button at lower-left side, type compmgmt.msc in the search box and select compmgmt from the results.
You can also do that by opening Control Panel, and going to System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.
* Click Disk Management at the left pane.
* Right click the removable drive from the list, click Change Drive Letter and Paths, choose the drive letter that you want to use (preferably x:, y: or z:. The mapped letter must be not in use), and then click OK button.
Transcend JetFlash Online Recovery is a free software program which has been designed for Trascend removable drives. But it seems to be be working with other flash devices.
* Download the RecoverISP tool and run it to scan it. If it has been broken, select the right device and click the Start Fix button to start the procedure.
If it reports a capacity of 0 Megabytes in Device Manager, you might do a formatting and partitioning to resolve the problem. That will delete all data files on the USB flash.
* Open Command Prompt (Admin), type DISKPART and hit enter, then run the LIST DISK command.
* You should see your USB flash drive is listed as disk 3, or disk 4. For example, my Thumb drive was Disk 3. ** bytes, 0 Bytes free.
* Input the following commands one by one and press Enter.
(The # is the correct drive number)
Create PARTITION primary

Finally unplug your drive and plug it back in to check if it is working.


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