Windows 10 Quick Access missing Frequent Folders and Recent Files

My Surface Pro 3 tablet is running the Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with new update applied. When I opened the File Explorer and selected quick access, those items listed in the Nav pane, such as Downloads, Docuutments and pictures, while the groups “Frequent Folders” and “Recent Files” were missing from the display. I clicked the View > Folder Options and checked “Show recently used files in Quick access” and “Show frequently used folders in Quick access” without any effect.

Many users have noticed that the Quick Access is missing “Frequent Folders” and “Recent Files”in Windows 10. I used Restore Default Libraries option to reset the folders and it was not working. You might need to re-pin it to resolve the problem.
To get Recent Items to show up in Quick Access and in Jump List
* Open the File Explorer, go to the top Menu Bar, select View > Navigation Pane and check Navigation Pane box.
* navigate to the location
%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent Items
* From the Menu Bar, go to the Home tab, and click “Pin to Quick Access” button. Then you are able to drag the “Recent items” folder to the top of the Quick access list.
If you have done the above method, it still disappears from Quick Access when you save from any app. Because by default Recent Folders is hidden from Save As dialog boxes in Windows 10. But you can make some changes to enable it temporarily.
* Create a new note file and click the Save as option from the menu.
* Within the Save As dialog box, you should see the folder name with location at the center-top pane next the search box. Right-click the folder name and highlight blue the “Edit Address” to select it.
* Clear the text and type the code line below:
and press Enter. Now you are allowed to save file into your recent folders.


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