Windows 10 Photos app No readable photos, videos or folders found

I have added my Google Drive pictures into the OneDrive\Pictures folder which is set as the location for “This PC\Pictures” folder of the Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Within the Photos app, all photos showed up fine in Collection and Albums views. However, when I changed to folder view, there was not anything and it said “No readable photos, videos, or folders found.” message. Restoring the Picture library to its default and running troubleshooter didn’t take any effects. How can I resolve the problem?

Many people have the exact same issues after upgrading their tablet or computer to Windows 10. The built-in app can’t see any of photos and displays “No readable photos, videos, or folders found.” while the template way is to to copy them to user folders in C: drive. That is a Permissions issue and you could try the real solution to fix it.
Note: If your pictures folder(s) is outside of the C:\Users\[your-username], you need to include the actual user for it by adjusting your permissions. However, that will also ignore the administrators group inheritance.
* With the File Explorer, go to the location of your folder that store pictures.
* Right click the folder and select Properties from menu.
* Go to the Security tab, click on the Add… button.
* In the Enter the object names to select (examples): dialog box, input your username, and click OK.
* Click Apply or OK button on both of the Permissions for folder-name box and the folder-name Properties box.
* In the addition, all Microsoft Apps require to have the Permission for the special Group named “Authenticated Users”. In its Properties, click the Advanced button to inherit these permissions for the sub-folders.


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  1. Thanks for the idea about user rights. My problem was actually a bit different, my current user had full access to the folder, but for some reason (I might have played with these rights a while back) the Administrators group didn’t anymore, once I added that group all started to show in Photo app. That is odd as the application is running under my username when looking in Task Manager. Maybe it revoked access to Administrators group and locking myself out even though it never stopped me from accessing the folder or Media Player to index it.

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