How to stop photo app from importing photos in Windows 10/8

Windows 10 comes with the new companion app for helping users quickly transfer their entire photo library from iPhone, iPad or Android to the tablet or computer. However, every time I plug in my iPhone to my Surface Pro by the regular microUSB cable, it always try to import all the pictures promptly and copy of them into My Pictures. Is there any way to cancel the process when I plug my phone in?

By default the Photo App imports any images stored on the memory card or removable drive into your photo library in Windows 10 and 8. It is more annoying that the new screen opens and shows all my pictures from my iPhone. You could follow the single tutorial to customize AutoPlay defaults to resolve the problem.
How to stop photo app from importing photos in Windows 10
* From your desktop, click the Start button, typy in the autoplay settings into the Searching box, and select the top one from the results.
You can also access it by opening the Setting app, and going to the Devices > AutoPlay settings page.
* At the right side pane, under the Choose AutoPlay defaults option, there are different options for two type of external media, including the removable drive and a memory card.
* Now specify your preference of choice, like Take no action, instead of “Import photos and videos (photos)”. Once you have done that, there will not have any system level response and you need to manually open File Explorer to see the files on media device.

In Windows 8.1/8, you could do that by the method below:
* From Start screen, input AutoPlay in Search Charm bar, change to settings filter, and click it in the results.
* Within Control Panels, scroll down to the very bottom, you should see the Apple iPhone is under the devices with probably “Import pictures and videos using Windows” configuration, choose Take no action from the list, and click Save button to apply all changes.


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