Fix Windows 10 100% disk usage in Task Manager on startup

My Win 8 computer with 8GB RAM was very fast, but the start up time become very slow and the disk activity is always 100% in task manager after upgraded to Windows 10, even the fan is very loud constantly. I update the firmware on my SSD and disable the superfetch and Windows search services, and nothing works. How can I fix the issues?

Many people have noticed that their tablet or computer get the 100% disk usage on bootup after updating the Windows 10. That might be caused by a few programs or some setting. If you also face the same problem, try the following suggestion to resolve it.
* Click the Start menu, go to System > notifications, and turn off the “show me tips about Windows.” function.
* The Norton 360 or Norton Security software wll make an automatic full system scan by default on start up. Within the Norton software, click the Settings, go to the Antivirus > Scans and Risks > Full System Scans > Configure > Edit Scan, and check Do not run this scan box.
* For Google Chrome browser, click the Chrome menu icon, select the Settings, go to Show Advanced Settings… > Privacy, and uncheck the “Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly” box.
* You need to make some setting with the Skype.
Within the file explorer, navigate to the location below:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\
Right click the Skype.exe file, and select the Properties from menu.
Go to the “Security” tab, click the Edit button, highlight the ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES item, and make a tick in the “Write” box under the Allow option, then click Apply > OK button.
* For other installed softwares such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Picasa, they will take a few minutes to syncy your files to the cloud storage after bootup.


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