Windows 10 Quick Access missing Frequent Folders and Recent Files

My Surface Pro 3 tablet is running the Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with new update applied. When I opened the File Explorer and selected quick access, those items listed in the Nav pane, such as Downloads, Docuutments and pictures, while the groups “Frequent Folders” and “Recent Files” were missing from the display. I clicked the View > Folder Options and checked “Show recently used files in Quick access” and “Show frequently used folders in Quick access” without any effect. Continue reading

Windows 10 USB flash please insert a disk into removable disk

My 16gb USB flash drive worked fine but was not being recognized as being inserted after my computer had updated to Windows 10. I putted some files on the fLash from xbox 360 then plugged it in. The drive is visible in File Explorer as well as its icon is showed in the system tray, but it poped up “Please insert a disk into Removable drive E” error when i clicked on it. The device status said this device is working properly. I tried multiple ports with no effects and other devices worked from those ports. Any way to resolve it? Continue reading

Windows 10/8 Remote device or resource won’t accept the connection

I have installed McAfee on my Windows 8.1 computer running the latest Internet Explorer. When I tried to open a single page by IE browser or google chrome and ran the Network Adapter troubleshooter, it showed the proxy server is not responding and then error code “The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection”. I changed various different wireless networks and removed antivirus to rule that out but still couldn’t access internet. Continue reading

Outlook 2016 stuck at processing and not Working in Windows 10

I have installed the Office 2016 suite in my Surface Pro 3 tablet and all other Office Programs are fine properly except Outlook 2016 app. When I tried to open the outlook, it could not load past startup and kept stating “processing” screen. I uninstalled the software completely and reinstalled it with the automatic repair as well as disabled hardware graphics acceleration, but that was still not working at all. Continue reading

How to stop photo app from importing photos in Windows 10/8

Windows 10 comes with the new companion app for helping users quickly transfer their entire photo library from iPhone, iPad or Android to the tablet or computer. However, every time I plug in my iPhone to my Surface Pro by the regular microUSB cable, it always try to import all the pictures promptly and copy of them into My Pictures. Is there any way to cancel the process when I plug my phone in? Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 100% disk usage in Task Manager on startup

My Win 8 computer with 8GB RAM was very fast, but the start up time become very slow and the disk activity is always 100% in task manager after upgraded to Windows 10, even the fan is very loud constantly. I update the firmware on my SSD and disable the superfetch and Windows search services, and nothing works. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

How to Enable Credential Guard in Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 10 is more secure than its previous operating system, because it comes with several new security features, such as Device Guard, Credential Guard and secure Boot. As one of the main security features, Credential Guard makes use of Hyper-V to create a virtual container for storing all domain secrets, without putting users’ ID and password in local RAM. So the derived domain credentials can be protected and that prevents hacker from entering the enterprise networks to access important information. Continue reading

Windows 10 Photos app No readable photos, videos or folders found

I have added my Google Drive pictures into the OneDrive\Pictures folder which is set as the location for “This PC\Pictures” folder of the Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Within the Photos app, all photos showed up fine in Collection and Albums views. However, when I changed to folder view, there was not anything and it said “No readable photos, videos, or folders found.” message. Continue reading

Disable Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a built-in service named the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (aka BITS) which transfers files in the background using idle network. When my Surface Pro 3 connected to internet and I didn’t downloaded absolutely nothing or stream nothing, it alwasy slowed down to a standstill and the disc usage always went from 2% to 98%, as well as I noticed that it consumed one gigabyte of data for 3 hours. Continue reading