Fix Windows 10 error in wsclient.dll Missing entry: RefreshBannedAppsList

Microsoft announced Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11099, so I upgraded my Surface Pro 3 to the Windows 11099 Insider Preview and activated it. However, everytime I booted up the tablet and log into the system, I encounted a strange problem that it immediately poped up an message “error in wsclient.dll Missing entry: RefreshBannedAppsList“. It is really annoying and seems to affect the function of app store while the initializing of desktop is very slower. Continue reading

Windows 10 Cortana Enter your old password one last time

My Susrface Pro 3 tablet has been upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1 successfully. When I used my Microsoft account to log into system and activated Cortana then tried to make use of it, the app kept asking me “Enter your old password one last time. From here on out, you”ll unlock this device using the password or PIN you just set up. I left the space blank as instructed and hitted the next button, but it said wrong password and didn’t let me pass away. Continue reading

File explorer shows usb drive twice in Windows 10 This PC

If you have upgraded from Windows 10 RTM to the November Update (TH2), there might be some common complaints. Everytime I plugged a removable usb flash, the navigation pane of file explorer (the tree of “this pc”) showed the same drive with the same drive letter twice. Microsoft has added this feature for quick access but it is annoying that it seems to be no way to get rid of the repeated twice external drives problem. Continue reading

Windows 10 Mail App Outlook Not Synced Yet

I had setted up Outlook on Windows 8 and my email account details carried correctly and automatically. After the system applied the free Windows 10 upgrade and I opened the native email app, it came up with blank parameters and a “Not Synced Yet” message. I pressed the Refresh button and got “still working on it…” and couldn’t figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading

How to set Internet Explorer 11 as Default browser in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the new browser built for Windows 10 but still lacks of some basic functionality, such as save webpage as html file or select a folder before downloading. It is not possible to uninstall Edge. If you would like to ontinue to work with Internet Explorer 11, the best way is to set it as the default browser through Group Policy. Continue reading

Disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization in Windows 10

By default any system updates are downloaded only from Microsoft servers to your tablet or computer. Unlike previous operating systems, Windows 10 comes with a new feature named WUDO (Windows Update Delivery Optimization) for getting updates much faster. It works just like BitTorrents and will download updates from neighboring computers as well as uploads it to the Internet to cost you a bit of extra money on metered connections. Continue reading

Remote desktop with black screen in Windows 10

I used remote desktop to connect to my computer through WAN and LAN without any issues. After I upgraded the system to Windows 10 Professional and setted up everything such as ports and static IP address correctly, the RDP made a secure connection and got a black screen with no cursor then disconnected. I rebooted got it working temporarily as well as I created a new account and that didn’t take affect. Continue reading

Windows spotlight not working in Windows 10

Windows 10 Home version can display beautiful images from Bing and certain running Windows apps on the lockscreen, and users can use Windows Spotlight to provide feedback on the background image directly. I have enabled it in Personalization setting, but the system always redirected to show only one picture, even doing a reboot. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

Upgrade to Windows 10 Home instead of Pro

My OEM laptop came with Win 8 installed, and I had used an option to get to 8.1 Pro by a product key and everything was fine. However, recently I upgraded it to Windows 10 and it just installed the Home version instead of Pro version. That causes me no way to log in to my domain or Azure Active Directory and I couldn’t figure out how to fix the issues. Continue reading