Use Xbox One Kinect to sign into Windows 10 by your Face

Microsoft has added new biometric authentication named Windows Hello for letting you sign into Windows 10 devices with your face or finger in Windows 10, without having to type a PIN or password to gain access to your own machine. The feature is built into the Surface Pro 4 tablet and the SurfaceBook. If you are also an Xbox One owner, here is the tips for using existing Kinect 2.0 version to sign into system. Continue reading

Fix mouse cursor flashing busy in Windows 10

My computer has been upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1. After I rebooted the device and logged into my account, I noticed that the mouse cursor kept flickering, and the screen sometimes flicker while I was using skype app for video chat. I updated all bios and all drivers, but that didn’t take any effect and I couldn’t figure out how to fix the issues. Continue reading

How to customize Pen buttons on your Surface Book/Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pen has two buttons on its side for right clicking and erasing. It is very useful but many people request to customize what happens while using it on the product line. With the latest update for Windows 10, now Microsoft offers fully customization functionality to change it when user press the stylus’ top button. For users who are yet the fans of the OneNote app, this is a good news and can help them easily take another action. Continue reading

How to display touch keyboard in Windows 10 desktop mode

Windows 10 comes with the tablet mode for making system easier and more intuitive to use with touch on devices like Surface Pro 3 tablet. If you use a keyboard and mouse and prefer to stay in desktop mode, or don’t attach Type cover, the touch keyboard won’t automatically pop up by default. There would be big problem when you need to type somethings on address bars, text forms, or others. Continue reading

Hot to setup Quiet Hours for Windows 10 Notifications

Many people are confused the notification tile named QUIET HOURS that was first released in Windows Phone 8.1. In Windows 10, you can only turn this new feature On or Off, but it doesn’t allow you to set the time or the hours for which to be quiet since now. Once it is turned on, all notifications such as new email message or WiFi are detected, will not pop up during the set times to annoy you. Continue reading