How to enable Colored Window TitleBars on Windows 10

By default all traditional desktop programs come with the complete White titlebars in Windows 10, while the titlebars of the previous OS versions such as Windows 8.1/8 are colored based upon the wallpaper. The white titlebar is ugly and horrible and might hurt eyes, so many users would like to get rid of it and get back the old style window borders. Microsoft recently released the November Update build 10586 (also known as Threshold 2) and the update brings a new option to disable or enable colored function for that. Continue reading

How to move installed apps and change app location in Windows 10

Many modern apps are small in size in Windows 10, while others and some games are very larger and take plenty of available space. If your main drive is running low on space, your system will run slowly and you’d better free up space by moving heavy apps to another drive. You could use the settings menu to resolve the problem without running command line usage or through special permissions. Continue reading

How to share documents/photos files over network in Windows 10 File Explorer

The Share charm is a part of Charms bars in Windows 8.1/8, and Windows 10 operating systems replaces such function to be a new Share button in the File Explorer. With the new feature, you can easily share files, such as documents, photos and videos over network. But you can’t use the method to share some types of media like the links while viewing a website. Continue reading

Windows 10 No Network Adapters Detected Error 1083

When I tried to setup a 2nd network on my computer running Windows 10 Pro, the system was unable to connect any networks and all connection icons were not listing in the Network folder. I clicked the “Set up ahome or small office network” button and did a refresh, it showed the error message “The Network Connections Folder was unable to retrieve the list of Network Adapters on your machine. Please make sure that the Network Connections service is enabled and running.” Continue reading

AC Unity & Far Cry 3 games random crashes in Windows 10

I have installed the Assassin’s Creed Unity in Windows 10 64-bit computer. After I played it about 10-15 minutes, the game kept crashing and became unusable constantly. I noticed that the problem was caused by the signature XAudio2_7.dll_unloaded through event log. Reinstalling and Runing the program in compatibility mode didn’t take any effect. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading