Windows 10 Mail app your Outlook account settings are out of date

My Surface Pro 3 with i5 processor ran Windows 8.1 and everything worked fine. After upgraded the tablet to Windows 10 OS, I launched the new Mail or Calendar app and it kept showing the error message ” Your Outlook account settings are out of date.”, as well as the same notification also poped up in the Action Center at the bottom right side of the desktop. I clicked either of these to get the Fix account and Dismiss options, but any of them didn’t fix the issues.

If the calendar or Mail app notification displays the “Your Outlook account settings are out of date” error in Windows 10 , it seems to be another Microsoft bug due to junk code. Some peopel use the Fix account button and it is not working at all. You could try any of the tips to resolve the problem.
* Make sure you have the correct Windows computer time. If not, go to update your system time manually.
Hold and press or right-click on the Start button, select Control Panel from menu, go to Clock, Language and Region > Date and Time > Internet Time, uncheck Synchronize with an Internet time server box, and set the right time.
* First restart your tablet or computer, and then use your Microsoft account to log in system by clicking the Sign-in options and then the full password option. Finally pressing the Fix button actually get it working.
* If you have changed your password of your Microsoft Account online, the app should stop syncing the setting and others with Outlook. So you’d better check if you use the latest password in the Mail app and Outlook.
Within the new Mail or Calendar app, click the setting button from the left pane, click Accounts, and go to change the account password as require, and then click Save button.


2 thoughts on “Windows 10 Mail app your Outlook account settings are out of date

  1. I found the solution to this problem. Click on the New Notifications list on the bottom right of your screen where you probably have a whole list of ” Outlook settings are out of date”. Right click one of these and choose not to receive notifications from this app. Done, no more “Outlook settings are out of date”. This is a glitch from Microsoft which they will probably not fix and why would you want to receive notifications from this app anyway since all you are receiving is junk.

  2. I have my outlook 365 work email account duplicated on the surface.

    I open outlook, I see the email.

    I open the calendar, and i see absolutely none of the data on my calendar.

    It’s there. It’s on my phone. None of it is on the surface.

    HELP A USER OUT, if you please.

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