Change Microsoft Edge Browser Downloads Folder Location

Microsoft Edge, previously known as Project Spartan, is the default web browser in Windows 10. It comes with better compatibility and performance. and support modern HTML websites and more funbctions. By default your downloaded files are present in the current user’s profile folder like C:\Users\your-User-name\Downloads directory. However, Edge doesn’t provides customize option to change “Downloads” folder location. You could use the tips to fix the issue. Continue reading

Windows 10 Lock Screen some settings are managed by your organization error

My Surface Pro tablet has been upgraded to Windows 10 OS and I used a Microsoft Live account to sign into system. I noticed that it wouldn’t let me change some settings. I was unable to personalize my lock screen like change its picture or slideshow and kept getting the error mesage “some settings are managed by your organization“. There was just a blue screen with only the time on the lock screen. I went to Settings > Updates and security > Windows update, and the same red text also displayed under advanced options. My device was configured as a personal computer, without join a domain. How can i fix the issues? Continue reading

How To Turn On Spell Checking Text AutoCorrect and Highlight in Windows 10

Therer are new built-in productivity tools named spell checking in the Windows 10 operating system. The feature is designed to take advantage of the functionality, and will autocorrect and highlight misspelled words in modern apps and desktop softwares, such as the Microsoft Edge web browser and Internet Explorer, Xbox and Facebook. You can use the tips to change the settings for enabling assistant correct your grammar while writing. Continue reading

Windows 10 screen saver not working after upgraded

I have upgraded the system from Win 8.1 to Windows 10 on my computer. I right-clicked desktop, selected Personalize > Lock Screen> Screen saver settings, and choose one from the lists to turn it on. However, the screensaver did not activate and I had to use function keys to use it. I tried re-installing the video card drivers and nothing worked. I noticed that I was unable to make changes with the power settings. How can I fix the problem? Continue reading

How to fix cannot Join Homegroup in Windows 10

All of my three computers running the Windows 8 joined an existing HomeGroup well. After all devices had been upgraded to the Windows 10 64-bit version with the available updates applied and Network discovery turned on, any of them can see each other on the same network but can’t join Homegroup. I tried to verify a password and it never ask me for credentials with username and password. Continue reading

Windows 10 Critical Error Your start menu isn’t working

I have upgraded from Win 8.1 to Windows 10 on my computer. I signed in with a local account and everything worked flawlessly. After I created a Microsoft account and used it to log into system, I noticed that all my settings were changed, no Cortana, Onedrive disappeared in File Explorer. When I left-clicked on the Start Button, it poped up the error message “Critical Error. Your start menu isn’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.” with the Sign out now button. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 store we encountered an error. Please try signing in again later

When I opened the new Microsoft store and tried to login to download abd update something using my Microsoft account name and password in Windows 10, it showed the error message “We encountered an error. Please try signing in again later.” But I accessed others like xbox app with my credentials well. I signed into a new created account still got the same problem and can’t figure out how to fix it. Continue reading

Windows 10 recognize Touch Screen as mouse and not working

My Surface Pro tablet worked fine in Windows 8.1. However, after upgraded to the Windows 10 64-bit OS, the touch screen just stop working and the system only recognizes it as a mouse and said “No Pen or Touch Input is available for this display, but this is nonsense.” When I touched the screen, the mouse cursor moved and clicked while there was no circle at the point. I ran the troubleshooting hardware and devices and that didn’t take any affects. Any way to fix the issues? Continue reading

How to change default save locations of Library in Windows 10

Windows 10 Libraries collecte all your personal documents, pictures, videos and music in one single place, and let you access and arrange the items in different ways. When you save a file through the common “Save As” dialog, the system will store it into a library. For some reasons the OS may be crashed and take up those files. If you want to keep them separate from the main hard drive that contains your operating system without backups, the best way is to change the default save folder to something else like external drive or your Dropbox folders. Continue reading