Change Bing default search to Google in Windows 10 taskbar

The Windows 10 taskbar search Bar not only has the similar function of the Windows 8 charmsbar’s Search box, but also allows you to search in Windows, Web and new Cortana app interface. However, the Bing is the default one and there is no such option in the system to change it to Google, Yahoo, Yandex or others. If you would like to use the Google search to show web results from taskbar or start menu, here are the tips to do that through an extension.

How to Change default search bar from Bing to Google in Windows 10 taskbar* First you need to download and install the Google Chrome browser on the current version of Windows 10.
* Configure the Chrome as the default web browser
Click the Start Menu, and click on the Settings shortcut on its left section. Or press Win + I keys together to instantly opens the Settings app.
Navigate to System > Default apps, go to the right pane, under the Web Browser option, click the Edge and choose Google Chrome to set it as default.
* Within the Chrome browser, access the Chrome Web store, search for Bing2Google extension (The download link) and install it. Bing2Google can redirect the search queries from Bing Desktop to Google.

Now you should have an improved Internet search results. This is helpful, but sometimes it may causes the system painfully slow.


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