Greyed out copy recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive option

The Refresh or Reset feature in Windows 8.1 is used to get rid of the worst situation of system failures in, but sometimes it requires the installation disc. In that case, the System recovery drive tool can help you resolve the problem. However, You might unable to create System Recovery Drive because of the disabled or greyed out “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive” option. Continue reading

Fix send to onenote 2013 printer not working with 2010 version

I have installed the Onenote 2013 program and the 2010 version which comes with Microsoft 2010 Office pack on my Surface Pro 3. When I tried to send content from an Office program through the “send to OneNote 2013″ option, it keeps printing to the previous generation. I need to go back and forth between them but could not figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading

How to change Quick Access to This PC in Windows 10 File Explorer

Microsoft gives users lots of power to change the OS to their liking in the Windows 10, such as the choice of how File Explorer displays, switching between a start menu and start screen, adjusting color, turing tablet mode on/off and more. The valuable feature named Quick Access combines the functionality of the old Favorites feature and the Windows Libraries, so you can quickly access the links to files and folders you use regularly while opening a new instance of File Explorer. Continue reading

Windows 10 can’t enable hyper-v platform Error 0x800F0906/0x800F081F

Windows 10 has the built-in Hyper-V virtualization technology for you to run multiple operating systems at the same time on one physical device, but there may be some issues with it. When I access the Turn Windows Features on or off inside Control Panel to install and it can not be activated. Using Dism command in administrative Command Prompt display the message “Error: 0x800F0906. The source files could not be downloaded. Use the source option to specify the location of files that are required to restore the feature.” Continue reading

Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox with error 0x0000005C/0xc0000260

To test a beta or new operating system, many people use Virtual Machine software to installed Windows 10 on Mac computer. I booted with the ISO file in Oracle VirtualBox and tried to start it, but VM can’t proceed with the installation and stucked at the following error messages:
Recovery. Your PC/Device needs to be repaired
This operating system uses the Physical Address Extension feature to support systems with more than 4 GB of RAM. You’ll need to use a PC with a compatible processor to run the operating system.
Error code: 0xc0000260 Continue reading

How to Fix start menu missing icons in Windows 10

The start screen is added into the start menu in Windows 10, so users can easily find their required items and get more customizable way. If you have upgraded from Win 8.1/8 to the new operating system, you might get some issues related to its function. For example, clicking the Start Button doesn’t bring it to be appeared, or some of the Modern UI apps icon or programs shortcuts are missing over there. Continue reading

How To add/delete favorite places to Cortana in Windows 10

Microsoft’s virtual Cortana voice assistant is an intelligent app in Windows 10 for making your day go more smoothly. If you have activated the new feature and would like to set up a time-based reminder, the first thing is to add a new location to Cortana’s Places settings. Here are the tips about how to do that. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 Airplane/Flight mode on but greyed out

The Airplane mode switch worked fine on my Surface pro 3 running Windows 8.1 Pro. After I applied all the latest updates on the device, the toggle moved to “Change PC Settings > network > Flight mode” and kept showing as “On” as well as became greyed out in the right pane. However, I was able to access internet through the WiFi. I tried re-adding the related adapter in Device Manager and re-installing the wireless card drivers and it was not working at all. How can I resolve the issues to change it to on or off manually when I take a flight? Continue reading