Restore Windows 7 file backup in Windows 8.1

I had backed up my documents, music, pictures files in Windows 7 by built-in function and it created the MediaID.bin with an array of zip files. After I performed a clean install to Windows 8.1 completly, it deleted the previous partitions and now there is no way to restore these existed files apparently. How can I access or recover a few specific files without another computer?

The File Recovery tool is not available and has been instead of File History in Windows 8.1. The new tool allows for easy automated backups of your data, but can not restore any Win7 created backup files. By default the last system doesn’t support the tasks, and here are some solutions.
* By third-party software and make sure you log in as an administrator account
1. First access in IE browser, download the free 7-Zip file archiver program and install it.
2. Open the File Explorer, go to the drive which you have saved the Backup to, right click on file that is the computer-name, select Open from the menu. If prompted, click on Continue.
3. You should see the “Backup Set YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS” folder over there. Open the folder, press Ctrl+A to choose all, right click on them and select 7-Zip > “Extract files…” option. Then select the location, click OK to start extracting from the compressed files.
* If you have enabled VHD feature, go to mount the Virtual Hard Disk by Disk Management, and manually restore them.
* You can also try this method by another Win 7 computer. Copy the files to an external drive, move them to this device and recovery them.


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