How to Hide full Taskbar Search Box in Windows 10

The Taskbar Search Box is one of the new features in Windows 10 Technical Preview. It stays between the Start button and pinned app items in taskbar, and offers a simply way to search right from there, access Cortana interface and other Web searches quickly. However, it might take a amount of space on lower resolutions or smaller screens.

If you don’t want to use the relatively wide Taskbar Search Box in Windows 10 operating system, here is the tips about how to hide it.
From your Desktop, right-click on any empty area of the task bar, select the Search option from the menu. It brings up three setting for you to choose from:
* Hover the cursor over “Show search icon” settings. Now the large box will be reduced to a magnifying glass icon by deafult or a circular icon familiar to be onĀ Lumia Phone while the Cortana feature is enabled.
* If you still don’t need the icon, you can set it to be hided mode by selecting the “Disabled“. In this configuration, the corresponding search or Cortana app is working, but requires to be accessed from the Start Menu or pressesed the Win key on your keyboard.

There is also another method to get rid of it.
Right click on the Taskbar to get the menu, select Properties, and check the “Use Small Taskbar Icons” box, then click Apply > OK buttonĀ . Once you have done this way, the full taskbar search box will be unavailable in Windows 10.


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