Thumbnail Handler Extraction Host processes looping in Windows 8.1 update

I had applied all patched via automatic update on my Windows 8.1 tablet. After I rebooted the device and logged into my primary account, the system loaded and opened the modern interface with purple background and flashed in a continuous loop. Then I launched task manager via cntrl+alt+del and noticed that each flash kept creating Thumbnail Handler Extraction Host process. Continue reading

Fix Surface Pro stuck in shutting down mode

My Surface Pro 3 running the Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit always stucked on shutting down mode and freezed when I tried to turn it off. Manually pressing Con+Alt+Delete keys or running system file checker sfc /scannow command didn’t take any effect. I had to hold the power button down to get rid of it temporarily and can’t figure out how to fix the issues. Continue reading

Windows RT 8.1 Boot Configuration 0xc000000d Blue Screen

Many people have experienced the Windows RT 8.1 upgrade fails with Boot Configuration error. My Surface RT tablet also failed to start up and ran into blue screen with Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired Log file: C:\windows\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt after applied updates, while the bootrec/rebuildbcd process showed “Total identified Windows installations: 0″. How to fix the issues? Continue reading

Windows 8.1 subst command not working issues

With the secret DOS command subst, you can easily create and map the path with name of a virtual drive in Windows Explorer for any of your desired folder. However, some affected users get problems with executing subst.exe batch file not working in Windows 8.1 OS. The created drive is not recognized by the File Open dialog box of Office 2010 products like Access 2013 and Visual Studio, as well as if you type L: and press enter via command prompt, everything is fine. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 8.1 stuck on working on features 100 complete

I applied the new updates on my Windows 8.1 tablet and then shuted it off entirely. However, when I turned on the power, the system booted up about 20 minutes and stucked at the message “working on features 100% complete don’t turn off computer” in a black screen since the battery ran out. I don’t have any installation disc and trying safe mode didn’t fix the issues. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 Store apps minimizing automatically issues

After my tablet upgraded to Windows 8.1 from 8, I notice that almost of the modern store apps keep minimizing to the taskbar by itself with the splash screen while trying to open it, even pressing the Win + Tab keys to maximize. It only happen with sign on by my Microsoft account, and the “app troubleshooter” does nothing. Now I am unable to re-install or update any of them and can’t figure out how to fix the issues. Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 Task host is stopping background tasks

My Windows 8.1 computer booted up properly and any programs or applications worked fine since applied monthly update. However, when I try to log off my account, restart or shut down the device, the process just stops for about six seconds and it pops up the “Task host window – Task host is stopping background tasks” message. How can I prevent the issues from happening again? Continue reading

Enable/Disable Windows button on Surface Pro 3 with keyboard and mouse

If you use the pen to draw something and focus it on the screen of Surface Pro 3 or read kindle book in portrait mode, it is annoying that you might keep accidentally pressing the physical home button at the bottom. This is a big problem for designers and engineers but Microsoft hasn’t added a config option to just ignore it completely. I preferre no button at all for the Windows 8.1 tablet or put it on the side, and here is the workaround for getting rid of the function. Continue reading