Windows 8.1/8 PDF files not show Thumbnail Preview with Adobe Reader

All of my .pdf files works fine in Windows Explorer on my computer running Win 7 32-bit. However, after added 2GB Memory RAM and upgraded to Windows 8.1 64bit, a huge collections don’t not show thumbnail image using Adobe Reader and it is difficult to find the book I needed. If I change the folder view to Medium icons, the issues seem to be fixed but them revert back to the icon when I use Crtl and Mouse Scroll Up to increase the size.

Many people have got the broken pdf thumbnail problem with Acrobat and Reader X after installing the Windows 8.1 or 8 64bit operating system. This symptom is caused by that the required 32-bit .dll files can’t be loaded. You could try any of the following work arounds to resolve it:

* Within Acrobat Reader software, click “General” tab > Select Default PDF handler, and choose Reader.
Go to File > “Open” button to get the Open dialouge Box, navigate to the folder(s) containing your .PDF, and move the slider to display all of them. Then open File Explorer to access that folders to see if the thumbnails have been generated.
* If you have installed the Reader X, keep Acrobat and uninstall Reader X from the system.
* Other method is to use the alternative of PDF reader and clear the thumbnail cache. I prefect Foxit Reader (or Foxit PDF Viewer freeware) and it works without any issues.

There is also available solution, made by Leo Davidson, for that by running the preview handler fix tool and clicking Apply Fix. Good for non-technical users.
Downloaded from the link.


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