Make standard 4:3 ratio as default in PowerPoint 2013 instead of 16:9 widescreen

The presentation software in Office 2013 has got default set for 16:9 sides formats, because lots of devices like monitors, TVs, smartphones and projectors support the widescreen resolutions natively. However, you might really need to use the format of previous version for the old dimension. Here are the tips about how to change all new presentations to standard aspect ratio as default in PowerPoint 2013 instead of 16:9 widescreen.

* First launch the app, choose the Blank Theme from Presentation Gallery screen, and a widescreen slide will be opened.
* Go to the Design tab in the Ribbon, click “Slide Size” button under the Customize group, and select “Standard (4:3)” from a drop-down menu.
* Access the Design tab, click the small “More” button from the Themes group, and then click the “Save Current Theme” option at the bottom.
* Within dialog box, simply type a new name and click the Save button. Warning: You can’t save the file to other location because this method will be not working.
* Go back to the Themes gallery, under Custom section, right-click the new Theme you have saved, and select “Set as Default Theme” from the context menu.
* Now re-launch the PowerPoint 2013, you should see a thumbnail of an 4:3 aspect ratio in the top left position. That’s it.


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