How to view forgotten wireless password in Windows 8.1

It is difficult to keep track of which one is used with which service like your Facebook/twitter accounts and many forums, and clicking “Remember me” always resolve the problem. It also happens after you have setted up the wireless network in your house on Windows 8.1 tablet or computer, and also forget the password. Here are the tips about how to reveal the password without resetting the Wi-Fi router.

* First Make sure you have logged in as a local administrator account.
* Press Win + R keys from your keyboard, input ncpa.cpl, and click OK button to open network adapters list. You can also access it via Control Panel.
* Simply hold and press or right-click on one of WiFi adapters, and select “Status” from the context menu.
* Tap/Click “Wireless Properties” button from the dialog.
* Go to the Security tab, and check the “Show characters” box. Now you are able to view forgotten wireless password.

That is all. The above method also works on Windwos 8/7.


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