How to sync app licenses in Windows 8.1 with multiple devices

Windows 8.1 allows you to sync app licenses which is purchased from app store to the cloud by Microsoft Account, so that you can access them anywhere. By default the system offers a option to let Metro apps automatically update in the background, but most users don’t realize they need to get the up-to-date information for that and manually make the syncing when log in to your own account on another new tablet or computer.

How to force Sync App Licenses while you use multiple devices running Windows 8.1/8 and the personal apps list doesn’t match
* If you get “you haven’t purchase the app” message on the additional device, try the following tips to resolve the Windows Store out of synch problems, no matter what apps or games you have paid for.
* First make sure your device is connected to the Internet.
* From Start screen, tap/click Windows Store to open it.
* Press the Win + C from the keyboard, or swipe in from the right-hand corner to open the Charms Bar.
* Simply select the “Settings“, and then the “App updates“.
* Locate the App licenses sub-header, click the “Sync licenses” button to run the updates. THe process only spend you a few moments.


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