Cannot Bluetooth Send/Receive Files in Windows 8.1

I have upgraded my computer to Windows 8.1 Pro from 8 but get problems in wirelessly exchanging files with mobile. When I try to use bluetooth to transfer pictures and video to my Android phone, it is fail. The same problem also happens with receiving files. I disable the antivirus and firewall temporarily, re-pair, and install the up-to-date driver, and nothing takes any effects. How to fix the issues?

The biuld-in bluetooth file transfer feature might stop working in Windows 8.1 after upgraded or make a refresh. And “Send Files” and “Receive Files” options are missing in the menu from system tray. You could try any of the following tips to reoslve the peoblem.
* Make sure the adapter’s hardware is compatibility with your tablet or PC.
* Run Windows Update and go to manufacturer’s support website to get the related software.
* Open File Explorer and access the location %windir%\system32\fsquirt.exe. Or search “fsquirt” from Start Screen. Then choose “send files” or “Recieve Files” option as you need. Works for me.
* Press WIN key, type task and hit Enter. Click More details, and select the Startup tab. Disable “btmshellex” entry (a common BT utility), enable it again and then make a re-booting.
* Roll back to install the older Win 8′s driver.


One thought on “Cannot Bluetooth Send/Receive Files in Windows 8.1

  1. Surface pro 2 had NO bluetooth issues prior to 8.1 update. Have attempted ALL of the suggested “fixes” only to transfer one maybe two files before tablet starts to disconnect devices again! Leave it to the microsoft GENIUSES to f#@! up a NON broken issue…brainiacs (smirk)

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