Keyboard Volume and Mute buttons not Working in Windows 8.1/8

If you have upgraded Surface tablet or computer to Windows 8.1, the volume (up and down) and mute (F11) buttons from the physics keyboard might stop working. But everything was fine before the upgrade process. So it becomes verydifficulty to decrease or increase the sound directly. Rebooting the system doesn’t take anty effects and there is not any hardware changes. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

Best office & home NAS for Windows 8.1/8

The network attached storage (NAS) device acts as low-powered home and small-office drive. With the equipment, you can easily store and share files from your Surface tablet or Windows 8.1 computer across a network, and use a single or multiple drives for protecting your personal data. Many of them have good capabilities, like data-recovery and backup functions and additional server modes. Continue reading

Cannot Bluetooth Send/Receive Files in Windows 8.1

I have upgraded my computer to Windows 8.1 Pro from 8 but get problems in wirelessly exchanging files with mobile. When I try to use bluetooth to transfer pictures and video to my Android phone, it is fail. The same problem also happens with receiving files. I disable the antivirus and firewall temporarily, re-pair, and install the up-to-date driver, and nothing takes any effects. How to fix the issues? Continue reading

Make standard 4:3 ratio as default in PowerPoint 2013 instead of 16:9 widescreen

The presentation software in Office 2013 has got default set for 16:9 sides formats, because lots of devices like monitors, TVs, smartphones and projectors support the widescreen resolutions natively. However, you might really need to use the format of previous version for the old dimension. Here are the tips about how to change all new presentations to standard aspect ratio as default in PowerPoint 2013 instead of 16:9 widescreen. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 Health Care Apps for Patients and Doctors

A lot of native health apps have been developed for Windows 8.1/8 and RT in Windows Store, and allow users to run them across multiple devices, such as Surface tablets, desktops and laptops. You might want to choose one to do somethings like improve health, change behaviour, monitor drinking, find medications, or get health answers instantly. Continue reading

How to setup screen saver password in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 allows you to use Screen Saver to protect information and secure the tablet or computer after the display is off for a specified time. While its Password Protection has been turned on and the device wakes from sleep or hibernate, you need to type a password to to unlock it. To do that, make sure you have created the password for the user account that you are currently logged in as. Continue reading

No administrator rights with Windows 8.1/8 account

I notice that all accounts with administrator privileges are locked out after upgraded to Windows 8.1 and the rights isn’t as it did on Windows 7. Now I can’t uninstall any programs or do other takes like changin time or creating new users and get “Please contact your computer administrator for help” message. Continue reading

How to sync app licenses in Windows 8.1 with multiple devices

Windows 8.1 allows you to sync app licenses which is purchased from app store to the cloud by Microsoft Account, so that you can access them anywhere. By default the system offers a option to let Metro apps automatically update in the background, but most users don’t realize they need to get the up-to-date information for that and manually make the syncing when log in to your own account on another new tablet or computer. Continue reading

Best Windows 8.1 touchscreen Games you must have

The Windows 8 operating system has two completely different user interfaces with touch support. Users can still play the vast majority of games or desktop softwares for Windows 7 in the new platform, but it is good chioce to have a touchscreen equivalent like doing in android and iOS devices. Now Many developers have made this next-generation software. Continue reading