How to use File History to backup SkyDrive on Windows 8.1

I have got major problem in my Windows 8.1 pro computer. I am unable to use File History to backup Windows desktop version of the Skydrive folder to a a local server, but it worked fine in Win 8 OS. I try other files and folders and they run correctly. Should I need to replicate Skydrive to another folder? I creat a new library but that doesn’t take anyy effects. How can I fix the issues after the system upgraded?

Many people have faced the same problem in the Windows 8.1. According to the Microsoft Services Agreement applied to the online services, Microsoft realizes that have backup of their customers file contents stored on their online cloud services is a good idea, so there is not official way to use File History to backup SkyDrive file available on all devices anymore. However, if you would like to do that, try the following solution to make a regular backup plan:

* First create a new “Backups” folder and add it to your libraries.
* Go inside that folder, and create a “BackupOfSkydrive” folder.
* The Robocopy command can help you synchronize files, so write a command to copy the entirety of SkyDrive folder to the “BackupOfSkyDrive” folder, and put it into a .bat file on your desktop to operate scheduled the service.

robocopy your-SkyDrive-source-directory the-destination-location /BAK /MON:1 /MOT:10

The above command will start the job every 10 minutes. Simply double-click the batch file to run it.


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