Windows 8.1 Sound Recorder File Location and best apps

The Windows has build-in essential utility software for recording audio note or a meeting, concert, and you just need plug in a microphone to get starting. However, I have migrated to Windows 8.1 Pro from Win 7 and notice that the soundrecorder.exe is not available and need to launch its app. Once it has been done, my recordings will be saved as Windows Media Audio files but it seems to be difficulty to find the file to copy and paste into email message. Continue reading

Best Surface 2 cases and accessories Recommend

The Surface 2 is well-designed, portability and running Windows 8.1 OS, and many people have got one as their favorite devices. There are a lot of great accessories in the market ranging from headphones to cases. If you would like to get a new functionality, it is a good idea to buy and use some kind of case or cover for your tablet. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 Dell Venue 11 Pro vs Surface Pro 2 spec comparison

Intel and Microsoft would like consumers to pick up 2-in-1s hybrid devices instead of Apple iPad and Android tablets. Dell announced a new line of Venue tablets which is running Windows 8.1 (Venue 8 Pro and high-end Venue 11 Pro), and now they also appears at Microsoft Store to compete with the Surface Pro 2. If you need a powerful, portable machine for business at a lower price point, one of them has lighter frame and longer battery life so it is your chioce. Continue reading

Remove Windows 8.1 Action Center backup in progress Message

If you have upgraded your tablet or computer from Windows 8/7 to 8.1 OS and the File Recovery backup was scheduled, the the Action Center icon from Task Bar keeps showing the flag with a little clock, and displays “Backup in Progress” message with error “The backup application could not start due to an internal error: Access is denied (0×80070005)“. Restarting Volume Shadow Copy doesn’t take any effect. Is there any solution to get rid of it without reseting the device or doing clean install? Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 skydrive not syncing problem

Many people have got the problem with SkyDrive desktop app after upgraded their tablets or computers to Windows 8.1 from 8. It just stop syncing your files across all devices and won’t finish the uploading process, and also displays these messages “Error 0xS00705B4: This operation returned because the timeout period expired” or “Error 80070490: element is not found.” Using troubleshooter doesn’t resolve the issue. Continue reading

How to change Network Location from Public to Private in Windows 8.1/8

Unlike Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 doesn’t ask you to set for location to public or private mode when you first connect to a new network. By default it is marked as public mode because that is more convenient and secure for most users. However, the opposite option offers many useful features, such as remote access and network discovery. Continue reading

How to disable split screen for Email links in Windows 8.1

My Surface 2 tablet is running the Windwos 8.1 Pro and I have the estate 10.6-inch scren to work with in landscape (flipped) mode. The split screen-style Snap View multitasking feature allows users to place two apps next to each other in equal-sized windows, but it is very horrible for me. When I click a link within the build-in Mail app, it rearranges itself to only show a single message and also launch IE browser in 50/50 mode. Continue reading

Fix Windows 8 Hosted Network Couldn’t Be Started issues

The Windows build-in Wireless Hosted Network feature allows you to turn the system into a WiFi hotspot for sharing data connection to various devices. However, due to misconfiguration in network adapter settings, when you manually use the netsh utility in command prompt to enable it in Windows 8 tablet or computer, the error messages below pops up: Continue reading

Reset Windows 8.1 Start Screen to Default setting

The Windows 8.1 comes with a new layout of start screen, tile sizes and personalized options. Once your tablet or computer have upgraded from Windows 8 OS, it will be merged with some old apps you have added before. To resolve the messy/cluttered or even ugly issues, you could try the following way to restore/reset start screen layout to the default settings. Continue reading

How to use File History to backup SkyDrive on Windows 8.1

I have got major problem in my Windows 8.1 pro computer. I am unable to use File History to backup Windows desktop version of the Skydrive folder to a a local server, but it worked fine in Win 8 OS. I try other files and folders and they run correctly. Should I need to replicate Skydrive to another folder? I creat a new library but that doesn’t take anyy effects. How can I fix the issues after the system upgraded? Continue reading