How to setup automatic replies in Windows 8.1 Mail app when on vacation

If you are not at home or not at the office and want to inform people about your absence, a convenient auto-responder is your great email-free time and also doesn’t make others to get nervous or frustrated if their messages are not answered. The Windows 8.1 mail app comes with many new features, such as easy sorting, multiple account support and also an option to configure and send automatic vacation replies to the incoming emails in the mail box.

How to setup an Out-of-Office Vacation Auto-Reply in Windows 8.1 Mail app
* From start screen, tap on the Mail icon to open the app up.
* Open the Settings Charm bar by pressing “Win + I” keys or swiping from right-corner and selecting “Settings”.
* Click/Tap “Accounts“, and then select the mail account which you would like to send automatic vacation replies.
The function is depended by your mail service. Outlook, Hotmail and POP3 accounts work fine, and Yahoo, and others don’t support that.
* Within the selected account settings, locate the “Send automatic replies” option, and move the slider switch from left to right.
* Now enter appropriate subject and your message which will be appeared in the body of auto-response email. Optionally, you can choose whether these automatic responses to be sent to contacts or all incoming emails.
* To make a confirmation, you should see Automatic replies under the related account.


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