Default gateway not available in windows 8.1 Wireless problem

The default gateway is the private IP address of your router. I have upgraded my surface pro from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and just get the problem with internet keeps dropping randomly and the wireless network is limited. I ran the troubleshooter to make a diagnostics and it said “Default gateway is unavailable”.

I try a lot of methods, such as reset the WINSOCK, IPv4 TCP/IP stacks, and clear the DNS resolver cache, but that doesn’t take any effect. Then I configure the TCP/IP settings manually and it still disconnects every 5 minutes. Pinging says request timed out, and I think it is not the ISP’s problem.

Finally I notice that the network adapter’s driver has been corrupted after the Windows upgraded. The solution is to re-install your network adapters driver.
* From Start Screen, right-click the lower left portion, and select “Device Manager” from the shortcut list.
* Locate the Network adapters and click on the Flag button to expand. For example, I am using the Linksys AE3000. Right-click on the Linksys adapter, select Uninstall, check “Delete the driver software for this device” and click OK.
* Now go to your manufacturer’s website and download the related
driver for network adapter. Install it and then restart your tablet or computer.


2 thoughts on “Default gateway not available in windows 8.1 Wireless problem

  1. PLEASE! Download the new drivers from the manufacturer’s web site before you delete the old one. You might not be able to get a network connection after deleting the old drivers.

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