No Find Devices and Content option in Windows 8.1 Network setting

After upgraded my computer from Windows 8 to 8.1, the system assigns a new wifi networks as public automatically. When I access the Network Connections listed in PC Settings, there is no “Find Devices and Content” option under all my various network adapters. So I am unable to change the profile of the active connection to Private or Public. My PC in a Homegroup doesn’t connect to a domain network and I only use WiFi router. I also have the same problem on my Surface pro 2 tablet. Is there any way to resolve the issues? Continue reading

Surface Pro 2 wakes from sleep mode by itself and battery drains

Microsoft had released monthly software patches through Windows Update on December 10th, 2013 to improve keyboard interaction and trackpad and make fixes. HOwever, after installing the last firmware, many people notice that their Surface Pro 2 always wakes from sleep mode by itself and the screen stay on, as well as the battery life drains quickly. Continue reading

Disable High volume can cause hearing loss in Windows 8.1

I have used a Samsung NP3530EC computer with Realtek High Definition Audio and setup the system volume at 80%. Now I am encountering the volume problem after upgrade to Windows 8.1 from 8. When I plugged into the external speakers through the aux port, the volume becomes lower automatically and is limited to about 30%. It is very annoying for me. If I try to increase the volume in slider, a warning notification pops up across the entire screen: Continue reading

Windows 8.1 stuck on lockscreen and LogonUI.exe high cpu usage issues

My computer is running on an AMD A10 APU processor (quad core). Now I am experiencing the odd problem after upgrading it to Windows 8.1 64-bit from 8 and setting to display lock screen. When the monitor goes to sleep mode, the screensaver and background comes but lock screen doesn’t load properly. The system hang on lockscreen and keyboard doesn’t respond anymore. To get rig of it, I have to do a hard power off. Continue reading

Download Christmas themes for Windows 8.1/8

People are preparing for Christmas, such as buying gifts for your lover, and dressing big green tree up in house. You might be looking for personalizing your tablet or PC in new ways. Now microsoft has released cool ready-to-use Windows 8/8.1 Christmas themes for free and they are real beauty shines. Continue reading

Surface Touch and Type Cover 2 Gestures and keys combinations

Microsoft has released the 2nd generation accessories for Surface 2 tablet to add optional keyboards. There are two varieties: the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2. Both of them bring up new gestures and special shortcut combinations for making more comfortable while you are using it. Continue reading

Reboot-To quick Dual booting operating systems solution

You might have installed two operating systems on one tablet or compter. To switch between them, you need to run to the boot screen and make your choice. It is boring to do such a job more frequently. Now Reboot-To utility gives you a easy Windows dual booting solution, without any waiting timers and also without any hassle. It is just like NeoSmart Technologies iReboot. Continue reading

Default gateway not available in windows 8.1 Wireless problem

The default gateway is the private IP address of your router. I have upgraded my surface pro from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and just get the problem with internet keeps dropping randomly and the wireless network is limited. I ran the troubleshooter to make a diagnostics and it said “Default gateway is unavailable”. Continue reading