Use SD Cards to increase Windows 8.1 Storage Space

The Windows 8 didn’t support SD cards well, such as no easy way to access them from metro apps. Now Windows 8.1 upgrade has much improvements for expanding your device’s storage. You are able to use SD and micro-SD cards as a permanent part of your tablet or computer to store your music, videos, pictures, and other files.

How to use SD Cards to increase Windows 8.1 Storage Space
First you need to pick up an SD card and insert it, then it will appear as a new drive in File Explorer window.
* Set up Default Save Locations
You can configure a removable drive as the main location for your media files by the new PC settings app.
1. Press Win + I from keyboard, click Change PC settings > PC & Devices > Devices.
2. Scroll down to find the “Default save locations” section, and click “Set up” button.
* Manage Libraries From the Desktop without third-party programs
Note: The libraries are hidden by default in Windows 8.1
1. From desktop, open File Explorer.
2. On the ribbon, click the View tab, select Navigation pane > Show libraries.
3. Now right-click a library you want to modify, select Properties, click “Add…” button, and select SD card.
* Move and save SkyDrive
1. Within the File Explorer, locate the SkyDrive folder and right-click on it, and choose Properties from menu.
2. Go to the Location tab, specify a new location for SkyDrive to free up space of system drive.
You can also do that with the downloads folder by the simple way.

However, it seems that you can’t use a SD card as readyBoost to make Windows 8.1 faster.


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