How to delete Games from Windows 8.1 Games Explorer Folder and All Apps screen

The Windows 8.1 has all your favorite games like Minesweeper, Chess, Purble Place and Ink ball. By defaultAll the preloaded apps from Microsoft are stored in Games Explorer Folder which is central repository and also offers news feeds and WEI requirements. However, if you had uninstalled any of them by wizard, it is still displayed in the folder and also such section on the All Apps screen containing all Casual, Enthusiast, Kids and MMO.

How to remove/delete Games icons from Windows 8.1 All Apps screen and the Games Explorer Folder completely
* Open File Explorer and navigate to the system disk C:\.
* There is a search box in the upper right corner of the window. Simply input the word “Games” from there to search.
* From result, locate the “All … Games” folders. It may be near the bottom. When you see it, single-click on it and press the delete button from your keyboard.
Note: Right-clicking is not working at this time.

Aother useful methods:
* Open the program files(x86) folder in C:\, go inside wildgames, and then run the uninstall.exe to resolve the problem.
* Go to the location C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\, and then remove the “Games” Folder. But I find that only the annoying WildTangent shortcut still exists.

One thought on “How to delete Games from Windows 8.1 Games Explorer Folder and All Apps screen

  1. I did exactly as stated above to find and remove the ‘all xx games’ icons (using file explorer, ect.,) but I did not get any listing of any ‘all xx games?’ What I did get were two saved game files, a users default saved game file, and two microsoft games sentient ni.dll files? I am frustrated and confused – what am I missing? thanks.

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