How to fix bluriness of Chrome in Windows 8.1 on High-DPI resolution Display

Many people have updated their tablet or computer to Windows 8.1, or get the next generation Surface Pro 2. You might notice that the Resolution on programs has changed and that causes many problems in desktop mode. The taskbar doesn’t go away with auto-hide enabled, and the chrome browser text is blurry and becomes dim as well as the touch won’t respond. Continue reading

Reading list not showing in Windows 8.1 sharing menu

Windows 8.1 brings up a handy new utility called Reading List for keeping track of all the things like articles and other reading material from web or in apps to save for later. However, I have turned on the feature in the setting on my Surface Pro 2 and such option doesn’t appear in the sharing charms menu while I am using the Firefox. How can I get it working? Continue reading

How to Reduce the Size of Windows 8.1 WinSXS Folder

The WinSXS folder at C:\Windows\WinSXS contains all system components. Everytime updates have been installed, new component will be dropped into it and this folder will keep on getting larger on a Windows 8.1 and 8.0 operating system. It is useful for letting you uninstall those updates from the Control Panel, but the feature is rarely used and also increases the size of space. Continue reading

Use SD Cards to increase Windows 8.1 Storage Space

The Windows 8 didn’t support SD cards well, such as no easy way to access them from metro apps. Now Windows 8.1 upgrade has much improvements for expanding your device’s storage. You are able to use SD and micro-SD cards as a permanent part of your tablet or computer to store your music, videos, pictures, and other files. Continue reading

How to Backup/Restore Outlook 2013 Signatures in Windows 8

You might have setup several signatures for various types of emails in Outlook 2013. If you need to move from my old Windows 7 computer to a new computer running Windows 8, the rules and signatures can not be exported automatically and the .pst file for messages doesn’t include such information so you need to make a restore. Continue reading

How to delete Games from Windows 8.1 Games Explorer Folder and All Apps screen

The Windows 8.1 has all your favorite games like Minesweeper, Chess, Purble Place and Ink ball. By defaultAll the preloaded apps from Microsoft are stored in Games Explorer Folder which is central repository and also offers news feeds and WEI requirements. However, if you had uninstalled any of them by wizard, it is still displayed in the folder and also such section on the All Apps screen containing all Casual, Enthusiast, Kids and MMO. Continue reading

What is RAM physical memory limits in Windows 8.1

Now People prefer purchasing high-end computers with better performance, becasue the cost of computer hardware continuous decreasing. For this reason, Microsoft has increased memory limits for Windows 8.1 to support more physical memory (RAM), so the tablet or PC could work faster and also fit requirements of most softwares and games. Continue reading

Cannot see skydrive sync status in Windows 8.1 notification

I have upgraded my computer to Windows 8.1 but can’t see any SkyDrive sync status icon in neither in notification area nor in taskbar, even no such option in Customization setting. In the Windwos 8/7, I was able to see green SkyDrive icon indicating whether all files were syncing at all or which folders were synced. How I can activate the feature in my Surface Pro? Continue reading