How to enable WiFi Hotspot by Windows 8.1 Broadband tethering

Windows 8 requires third-part softwares like Virtual Router Plus to add a Wi-Fi hotspot. Now Windows 8.1 brings some new Networking features such as Wi-Fi Direct, NFC printer, Miracast technology, and broadband tethering which shares your mobile broadband connection and turns it into a wireless hotspot for connection up to 10 devices.

If you would like to make your mobile broadband-enabled PC or tablet for allows other devices to connect and access the internet, here are the tips about hwo to set up and enable WiFi Hotspot through Broadband tethering without any utility.

* From the desktop mode, click start button to back to Start Screen.
* Open the Charm Bar by pressing Windows + C keys, or swiping in from the right side of screen.
* Click/Tap on Setting, and then “Change PC setting” at the bottom.
* Click Network tab from the left-side.
* Go to the right pane, select a connection you wan to share under Mobile broadband.
* Change the Share this connection switch from Off to On. Wait for a few seconds to enable it.
* If you need to reset the network authentication information (name and password), simply click on Edit button. There are also other useful function, such as Show my estimated data usage in the network list, Set as a metered connection, edit Access point, and copy all properties.


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