Fix Windows 8.1 unable to create a ramdisk 0xC1900101-0×20017 issues

I have got the problwem with upgrade to Windows 8.1 Professional with Media Center from Windows Store on my computer without encryption. After making the first restart with installation, I got Blue screen during boot with error message “system was unable to create a ramdisk 0xc1900101. PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA.” Then it did a restore and showed error code 0xc1900101-0×20017. I updated all the drivbuer but it was not working at all. How I can fix the issues? Continue reading

Install Windows 8.1 from USB flash drive Error Code 0xc1900104

Many users get the problems after upgrding Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 on their tablets or computers. When I try to install 8.1 from the app store and check compatibility, a message “You can’t install Windows on a USB flash drive from Setup. Error code: 0xc1900104” pops up. I try .ISO and still get the issues. Continue reading

Fix Miracast Not Working in Windows 8.1 issues

Miracast technology is a WiFi peer-to-peer screen casting protocol for making cable-free mirroring to HDTVs. I have installed the Windows 8.1 final version and related drivers, but the Miracast feature is not working at all. I have tried wireless display Adapters like Push2TV PTV3000, Rocketfish Miracast dongle. After typed in a password, the devices won’t pair and then show as offline. Continue reading

Download Official Surface RT Recovery Image Windows RT 8.0

Many customers have experiencing blue screen of death 0xC1900101 – 0×40017 error, or completely bricked machines after applying the RT-to-RT 8.1 upgrade on their Surface RT tablets. That inspire a stream of complaints. To fix some update issues, Microsoft has officially released a recovery image for that. Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 mouse lag issues in some PC games

After upgraded to Windows 8.1, running some PC games might have got mouse lag and cursor-jumping with some titles. Many users experience it with a lot of PC games, such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Metro 2033 and several Call of Duty titles. It happens from a change in handling DPI for multiple monitors. Continue reading