SkyShellEx sync any folder to SkyDrive on Windows 8/7/Xp

Many IT pros use Dropbox Cloud service to sync the storage to the desktop. For Microsoft fan, you would be familiar with SkyDrive which is matching Windows 8 user interface and also works fine on Windows XP and Windows 7. However, the app only allows you to basically sync the contents of a “root” folder (C:\Users\your-user-name\SkyDrive), including All Files And Folders On My SkyDrive, or choose Folders from your own documents/pictures.

To sync the folders outside the “root” folder, SkyShellEx shell extension offers a easy way to expand the syncing service. The app just creates symbolic links, so you are able to sync any folder under System, Programs or others in tablet or computer to SkyDrive and also keeps your existing folder structure intact.

* The way to sync sharing folders is not working, because the data will be broken.
* First your Windows 8 or earlier version need to enable the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.
* Download the SkyShellEx installer file from here, and install it. But it is not compatible with Windows 8.1 since now.
* Once you’ve done, make a reboot with device.
* Now open File Explorer, and navigate to the parent directory that contains the folder to be connected.
* Right-click on it and select “Sync To SkyDrive” option from context menu.


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