Fix Windows 8.1 won’t shutdown/restart problem

Many users have reported that the computer or tablet won’t be shutted down or rebooted by using the available built-in power options after updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Preview. Trying to turn off the system but the Windows processing circles thing and then keeps spinning with “Shutting down” words on the screen. To get rid of the problem temporarily, you have to press the power button of the device manually.

A lot of laptops and ultrabooks are running into the same major issue, such as ThinkPad Twist Series, HP Envy x2. I also couldn’t finish shutting down and the system always locked and became unresponsive, no matter turn Window Update ON and keep all drivers up to date.

The issues is related to the ExpressCache service which is pre-installed on OEM products. ExpressCache.exe is used to speed up boot times, and get more responsive systems. The version is not compatible with Windows 8.1 and doesn’t allows you to use Services manager to stop its service normally.

To fix the issues, you have to close it in Task Manager.
* Right-click on the taskbar, select “Task Manager
* Click “More details” button
* Locate the ExpressCache.exe, right-click it and select “End task”


One thought on “Fix Windows 8.1 won’t shutdown/restart problem

  1. My ThinkPad Twist was in the process of shutting down but it won’t power off.
    It keeps showing the “Shutting Down” message with the Windows circle
    This doesn’t resolve my problem.

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