Windows 8.1 slow search and not working issues

I have upgraded to Windows 8.1 Preview on my Surface Pro tablet successfully. The new OS brings many great features. I touch down Arrow button and search from Applications list and it is fast like Windows 8. However, everytime I use the new Bing-powered Smart Search and it runs incredibly slowly. If I type in home screen or another app, it takes about 5-10 seconds to initialize the search and then shows the results.

I have noticed other issues on my computer so far. Sometimes I search “Services”, it just takes ages to load and can’t be completed with the error message “Something went wrong with your search. Try searching again“. It is no possibility for apps.

Then I go to disable Bing and set region to EN-US, but still experience the same problem. I think it might be due to a corrupt install or system bug. It is really serious issue. Comprared to Windows 7, the result list becomes much less and slower and is not very efficient for working. I will restore back to previous Windows 8.0 OS.

6 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 slow search and not working issues

  1. I have a surface RT and just downloaded the 8.1 upgrade. disappointment is a word that comes to mind.. Every desktop item is sooooooo slow. This defiantly is my last Microsoft purchase..
    And I thought they may have been re emerging. Seems they have Titanic syndrome.. Perhaps windows 8.1 is their ICEBERG..
    I would be very happy for someone to have a solution to these issues…

  2. Hi,

    I think I have a solution. I have included the “AppData” directory into the “indexing options”. The point is: the global search also search within the apps like (calender, mail, contacts).

    Now it is really fast. Please try it out.

  3. Just delete local network path (like external lan drive, NAS (like diskstation) etc. from standard index folders (like Music, photo, vide and doc.) when restart.

  4. I’d love to hear any solutions – I’ve tried forcing a new search base in case the problem comes from a corrupt file but still no joy.

  5. Windows 8.1 has caused me nothing but grief. Incompatibility issues (autofill for address field) force me to abandon Outlook 2003.

    Serious machine slowdown on all fronts using Parrallels 10.
    aggghhh what a time waste :~/

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