Fix green youtube screen problem in Windows 8.1/8

Windows 8.1 OS has been installed on my Surface Pro tablet. However, when I open youtube website and try to wacth a clip or movie, I just got the green display instead of videos and nothing appeare from there. Trying from others but not working at all. That also happen with Firefox and chrome which are pre-installed with adobe plugin. How I can resolve the issues? Continue reading

Fix Surface Pro Windows 8.1 sleep of death issues

I’ve been experiencing with the exception on both of my Surface Pro updated to Windows 8.1 preview and my Windows 8 computer. First I wake the tablet/PC up, and then device starts going to sleep mode after one to two minutes of idling. When I use lock screen slideshow feature, a few photos come and then it automatically turns off the display. Then I try to change power options to other power plan, but it is still not working. Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 app Live Tiles not working with X symbol

I have updated to the Windows 8.1 Preview build on my Surface Pro. After configure the Start Screen to be synchronized with my computer, Modern applications which aren’t installed on the tablet are installed automatically. However, I notice that some app Live tiles are not working and just display X symbol and the default picture. Continue reading

How to dual-boot Windows 8.1/8 and Linux on tablet

My computer has pre-installed¬†Ubuntu 11.0 and also meets the Microsoft system requirements. After I install the Windows 8.1 preview, I can’t find a way to login back to the previous OS. How I can dual-boot Windows 8.1 and Linux from the same machine without too much trouble. Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 battery life issues on Surface RT

There are a lot of bugs in Windows 8.1 Preview OS. My Surface RT has been updated to Windows RT 8.1 Preview version, but the battery life keep reducing and the tablet heats up really fast while onstandby mode. I notice that it is lost about from 2% to 3% an hour. 30% battery drain if I don’t use it. Continue reading