Skype app connects to WiFi hotspots on Windows RT/8

Microsoft has released the official application called Skype WiFi for iPhone and Android OS, and now it is also available for Windows RT and 8 in the app store. The app allows you to connect to over one million WiFi hotspots in world wide for signing in your own Skype account.

Skype WiFi app is very useful for international travelers, or while you are trips abroad, even in a location where has wireless internet without any 3G/4G signal. Many places provides WiFi hotspots, such as airport, bar, hotel, train station and restaurant, so you could use it to reduce your data roaming costs.

I installed the app on Surface RT tablet. I pay for access with Skype credits, and it gives me a great way to stay connected with my loved ones. I don’t need to directly use my credit card or sign up for another service. Simply tap connect button and do a lot of things, like update Facebook/Twitter and browse website. However, I have to reconnect the connection after 30 minutes.


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