How to Mount/Unmount ISO file in Windows 8.1

When the software downloads are largely in .ISO format, you have to burn the file to a DVD. One of the nice features in Windows 8.1 is the ability to “mount” .ISO files directly. Windows 8.1 OS allows you to mount any ISO files stored on your tablet or computer as Disk Drives, so you can run the software installation from the location and access them like a real disk-drive.

* How to mount ISO files in Windows 8.1
1. Run File Explorer, Open the folder locating your ISO file.
2. Essentially the process comes with a “one-click”. Smiply right-click on the file and left-click the “Mount” option from the menu.
3. Now the extracted image appear and you could go to run the .EXE file.

If yuu have completed working with the ISO and would like to unmout it, try the following step by step tips about how to unmount ISO files in Windows 8.1.
1. Open File Explorer, select “This PC” items (reviously known as “Computer”) from Navigation Pane at left.
2. There is a virtual drive created for the ISO. Right-click on it and select Eject.

If the mount option is missing or not working, try the tips to fix the issues.
1. Right click on ISO file, and select Properties.
2. Click on “Change” button next to “Opens with”.
3. Choose “Windows Explorer”, and then Apply.


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