Fix Limited WiFi connection in Windows 8.1 Preview

My Surface RT has been updated to Windows RT 8.1 Preview build, and sometimes the wifi connection has gone suddenly. When I open Setting in Charms bar, the WiFi shows “available” with no bars. I click on its symbol to go to Networks screen, the wifi header under connections has 5 full bars but is limited. Now I am unable to browse Internet freely via a wireless network connection. My friends also get the exact same issue every 5-10 minutes after updated Surface Pro to Windows 8.1.

If you get Limited WiFi connection problem on Windows 8.1 OS, try the following tips to fix the issues.
* Open Control Panel by using small icons,
* Click Device Manager > Network Adapters.
* The Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-N Network Controller (SDIO) or othere WiFI Controller shoud list there. Double-click on it and go to the “Driver” tab.
* Click the box to disable the selected device, and then OK button to apply changes.
* Now try the above method to re-enable it.


2 thoughts on “Fix Limited WiFi connection in Windows 8.1 Preview

  1. This tip didn’t work for my Surface Pro 2.
    It connects fine via 802.11ng but times out during connection attempt via 802.11na.

  2. i got one for christmas and was able to connect to the hotel wifi but when i try to connect to my home wifi it connects but says limited

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