Cisco VPN not working after Windows 8.1 upgraded

Windows 8.1 operating system is more attractive to IT departments and enterprises, because it has many new features like boot to desktop directly. I have setup Cisco VPN client ( on Windows 8 64bit and everything worked without problem. After downloaded and installed the evaluation Windows 8.1 preview update, it overwrites my network connections. I restart computer and try the client to connect and then a termination message comes up. Now the internet access is not longer working.

Many people has got the same Cisco VPN issues on Windows 8.1. You could try the following tips to fix the issues.
* Open Control Panel, and go to Device Manager > Network Adapters > Cisco AnyConnect.
There are two adapters named “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client….”. Delete any one of them, and enable the other adapter to use.
* Access Program Files using File explorer, open Cisco folder. Set the cvpnd.exe and vpngui.exe to run by Windows 7 compatibility.
Disable Cisco VPN Adapter in Network Connection and reboot your tablet or computer.
* If the above methods take no effect, uninstall and re-install the client software.


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  1. It was terrible that the Windows 8.1 caused the VPN problem. After a few tries, I followed the instructions on www and it worked for me. I used a Windows 8.1 PC.

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