Fix Windows 8 wan miniport problem with Code 31

I have used a laptop running the Windows 8 Pro 64-bit system. The device comes with all 3 wan miniports, including IP, IPv6 and Network monitor. My network works fine but the WAN miniport(IP) shows “This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)” with a yellow warning sign in device manager. If I try to update driver software, windows says it’s already installed and up to date. That makes me no way to make VPN connections. Without reinstall windows, is there any solution to solve the WAN miniport (IP) problem?

To get all WAN miniport devices working on Windows 8, you could try the following method to fix the issues by removing each non-working miniport.
* Press Windows + X from keyboard, click Device Manager, and right-click on the non-working miniport.
* Select “Update Driver” > Browse my computer > “Let me pick driver from a list” in the next screen.
* Uncheck “Show compatible hardware” box. Select “Microsoft” from Manufacturer list, and select “Generic Mobile Broadband Adapter” from “Network Adapter” list. Then clikc Next to install it.
* In device manager, locate the “Generic Mobile Broadband Adapter” device and delete it to remove the bad miniports.
* Once you’ve done, reboot your computer to apply all changes.

Now everything is working without any issues in Windows 8.


8 thoughts on “Fix Windows 8 wan miniport problem with Code 31

  1. wan miniport (IP) is required for VPN connection (to connect to my WORK-company). Uninstalling wan miniport is not solution.

  2. Windows 8 wan miniport problem with Code 31
    I can’t locate the “Generic Mobile Broadband Adapter” device. No this device to choice, Pls Help me, Thanks!

  3. I can uninstall, but when I reboot windows, it is reinstalled the same way with the same error…Can’t provide VPN…

  4. This works in Windows 8.1 Pro as well.. I found to be sure and remove ALL of the WAN Miniport adapters and reboot.

    Thank you for the tip!

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