Apple USB Ethernet Adapter work on Surface Pro Windows 8

I have got a shiny Apple USB Ethernet Adapter from my friends and he said that it work just fine with MacBook. Now I would like to use it on my tablet. When I plugged it in my Microsoft Surface Pro via usb port, the system recognize it in Device Manager but lacks of related drivers to be working. How can I fix the problem on Windows 7/8 64-bit computer?

In the Internet, some archive contains drivers for the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, but they are only developed for Windows 98 and XP OS. Then I notice that the multi boot utility called Boot Camp software assists users to install Microsoft Windows operating systems onto Intel-based Mac. So we can try the following method.

* Open the webpage from IE, click the Download button to get BootCamp support software 5.0.5033 .zip file onto your C:\ disk.
* Double-click .zip to uncompress it. This huge archive contains all drivers for with Windows 8/7. Locate the Asix folder and execute the .exe inside the folder to install the driver for Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, without enabling the unsigned drivers feature.

9 thoughts on “Apple USB Ethernet Adapter work on Surface Pro Windows 8

  1. Tried this out on windows 8.1 (32 bit) as a last resort before I took the thing back (I didn’t read the back of the package where it specified that it was for MacBooks). Worked like a charm, I was connected to the internet without even having to reboot. Appreciate the article :)

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