Outlook 2013 RT for Surface RT misses enterprise features

You might have installed Windows RT 8.1 Preview on the Windows RT tablet like Surface RT. If you have purchased a commercial license to Microsofts Office 2013 suites with Outlook, a bundled version of a new Outlook RT client is available in the new OS and you can use it for business. Continue reading

Hide Start Button on Windows 8.1 Desktop

I have upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 public preview on my computer. The new OS comes with many new features, such as bring back the Start button. It is not Windows 7-style Start menu, but you could use it to disable hot corners, and shutdown or restart your PC or tablet. However, I hate the start button and feel it is useless. Is there an option to disable or get rid of it? Continue reading

Blue Screen Memory_Management Error in Windows 8.1 preview

Windows 8 64bit is working fine on my computer with 16GB of RAM and HD 7950 graphics card. After installed Windows 8.1 preview update, I keep gettting the BSOD problem. When I apply settings stage and login, the system hang with “Memory management” error (0x0000001a) in blue screen. Rebooting the device but nothing works and there is not any new features. How to fix the issues? Continue reading

How to setup Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1

As Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8.1 Preview has been launched officially by Microsoft and loads with great features, such as bring back Start Button, Smarter Search Tool, integrate with SkyDrive deeply and more. Like Windows 8 and RT, Windows 8.1 boots up to the Metro Start Screen by default. However, the new OS offers a smiple way to automatically skip Start Screen and boot directly into Desktop mode. Continue reading

Install Android 4.2 on Windows 8 tablet with Dual Boot Support

Some Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean developer preview builds have been released by Intel Open Source Technology Center. The green Droid operating system is a common version and mostly works smoothly on the ARM machine. Unlike that, Android-IA is an optimized Android x86 developed specific for Intel and UEFI computer. Continue reading

Surface Pro Simple Device Orientation Sensor Not Working or Disconnected

The screen rotate function is not working anymore on my Surface Pro Windows 8. I notice that the locking rotation option is actually missing from the PC Setting. When I open the device manager, the Simple Device Orientation Sensor displays with error message “this device is currently not connected to the computer, please unplug it and try again“. Making a reboot the tablet but nothing happens. Continue reading

How To Upgrade To Windows 8.1 public preview

A public preview of Windows 8.1, announced by Microsoft, will be available on June 26th. All Windows 8 (like Surface Pro) and Windows RT users are able to have free update to test the Public Preview version, but all their applications need to been forced to reinstall after upgraded. Continue reading