Windows Blue sync Start screen across Windows 8.1 devices

Windows 8 currently allows uers to sync PC Settings like personalization themes, account picture, wallpaper and taskbar between machines, but doesn’t offer a way to seamlessly sync Start screen. If you use multiple computers and tablet and want to have a consistent start screen, that should be a real drag considering and you have to manually transfer the appsFolder.itemdata-ms file.

The Microsoft’s leaked Windows Blue build update, known as upcoming Windows 8.1, comes with a eagerly-requested capabilition called Start Screen Sync. Windows Blue lets you sync the same Start screen UI across two or more different Windows 8.1 devices, including tiles, layout, color scheme, and app shortcuts.

To use the Start screen syncing, smiply open the Charms bar, select PC Setting, go to the Account section and then the “Sync” to enable the feature. You also need to sign in all your Surface RT/Pro tablet or PCs using the same Microsoft account. Once done, you are able to get the same pinned tiles with their individual sizes, and the arrangement.


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