Picasa HD app for Windows RT and 8 download

The Picasa 3.9 software is compatible with Windows 8 operating system, but there are still some serious issues. There is no official Windows 8 app released by Google. If you are looking for related app working on the start screen of Windows RT or 8 OS, the third-party developer’s client could help you easily access Google’s cloud services.

Picasa HD by Frozen Volcano publisher is such app which offers a smiple way to browse and display your albums and photos from Picasa. It also provides many useful features, such as upload, edit, download and delete, zoom in/out, view each photo with detailed information, creat slideshows in high resolution, sort by date or name.

Picasa HD does fully support for touchscreen devices, so it works preferably on Surface RT and Windwos 8 tablets. Easy to add its Live tile onto metro screen. To search or share specific photos, just open the Charms bar and the process runs quickly.


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