Outlook 2013 notifications not working on Windows 8 Pro

After installed Office 2013 Pro on my surface Pro Windows 8, the outlook 2013 played sound and showed notifications in the title and envelope icon in taskbar while the new message arrived. However, I selected some messages, to move into spam folder. Now email notifications is not working at all. If I run Outlook as Administrator, it temporarily works.

IF you no longer receive email notifications from Outlook 2013 on Windows 8 Pro x64, try the step by step method:
* Right-clcik on Outlook software and select “Run as a Administrator”.
* Open Charm bar, click PC Settings, and disable all the notifications.
* Close Outlook.
* Now run Outlook as administrator and turn the notifications On to enable it.
* Then exit everything and reboot your computer.

If the Skype 6.1 causes the issues, I suggest you uninstall it or update Skype to version 6.2.


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